A Gosling Named Titania

Aug 5, 2022 | Heath farm | 4 comments

Doug and Jacob Garrison of DS Family Farm in rural Malcolm, Nebraska discuss with Pastor Maronde how they seek to provide healthy food to their community as Christian farmers, stewarding God’s creation.



  1. Mary Powell

    Ah Geese the beast you love to hate. We had Toulouse geese when my kids were young and gave some to my mom. Fast forward 20 years and I am living with her and that pond in front yard was empty, so we got some Pekin ducks but it was still empty. I got 4 Toulouse from a friend for free! Now we have tick pickers and a security system of the best type. Strangers are terrified of geese and it keeps the bad folks away and the good folks wait at the gate for us to open it for them. We had our goose hatch out 10 goslings and 5 made it to adulthood so our 4 became 9. Anyone want an all natural security system? LOL

  2. Carol

    Congratulations! Your creativity, dreaming,and talent overflow. I love the way you write and I’m thankful you do… I look forward to reading more. So fun!

  3. Mmekelley

    As a “dream only” homesteader, I loved reading about this progression! Welcome to the world, Harriet!

  4. Lynnel Lein

    Love so of this. Hope Harriet has been a joy!
    Aunt Lynnel



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