Does she have the guts to do it?

Sep 27, 2022 | Uncategorized | 3 comments

Doug and Jacob Garrison of DS Family Farm in rural Malcolm, Nebraska discuss with Pastor Maronde how they seek to provide healthy food to their community as Christian farmers, stewarding God’s creation.


  1. Hannah Heath

    Predator attacks are certainly devastating, I’m sorry to hear about your lost laying flick.
    But ducks! I wholeheartedly approve of ducks. Are you looking into specific breeds?

    • admin

      The ducks are coming as a gift from a member of one of our congregations, so I don’t know many details yet, but I’m super excited!! Waterfowl is something that I have no direct experience with, so I’ve been researching and thinking on how to prepare for their arrival. We will definitely ask you any questions that come up as we welcome them to our little poultry flock!

  2. Alisa R

    Bethany, Thank you again for not only sharing yourself & your family with us, but also sending us home with one of these delicious, nutritious birds! After watching this video I only appreciated your gift more! We don’t know much about farming yet, but we jumped into *trying* to classically homeschool our kids when our 13 year old was just 5 years old and so we know enough to see how beautifully you & your family are using classical rhetoric (the positive sense of the term) to educate others in such essential life skills. Your rhetorical skills are far from “the clanging cymbals”…so full of love for your Savior, appreciation of His creation & love for your neighbor! I truly appreciate all of these attributes in you. May Jesus Christ be praised for His creation of you & your family! We hope and pray God will turn your sad losses (seed from dead plants) into even greater gain (living harvest), especially gain for His Kingdom.


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