February 2023 Newsletter–Webinars Begin!!

Feb 11, 2023 | LIRA news | 2 comments


  1. Matthew Nelson

    Hey guys! The newsletter is great. Love the content! Anything online is all about longevity and continuity. Just keep in going!!!

    We ordered a sawmill for our farm this past month. It should be arriving today. We are going to use timber from our own property to build a 2400 sqft barn. Pumped!

    Blessings, Matt Nelson

    • admin

      We are so, so, SO excited for your new adventure! The sawmill is such an incredible investment! Your children are going to remember forever how you built your barn together! Just amazing! Send us pictures!

      We are so glad that you are enjoying the content! More fun and abundance to come!

      Chris and Bethany


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