The Power of a Seed

Mar 18, 2024 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

By Bethany Maronde

When I hold it in my hand, it is so tiny, yet so powerful.

Thousands of years of intelligence are stored in the genetic code.

A tiny seed has known times of drought, poor soil, harsh conditions.

It also knows exactly what to do when it is in times of plenty.

The tiny seed that I hold in my hand takes every bit of sunshine, 

every bit of water it can drink up,

every nutrient of soil it can accumulate

And it transforms.

The power in a tiny seed is a miracle.

When I hold a tiny seed in my hand,

I hold endless possibilities…

I hold beautiful wildflowers to delight the eye,

Juicy tomatoes that pop with every bite,

A towering Sugar Maple.

With a tiny seed I can create

A colorful, bountiful meal for friends and family,

A Maple Sugar patch for sweet possibilities, 

I can create community and an abundant future for generations to come.

With a tiny seed I can create joy.


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