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In Casper Wyoming, there will be a college. A Lutheran college. A classical Lutheran college. Luther Classical College. A college is built not for the prestige and pride of adults, but to serve students, to provide for the next generation. A classical Lutheran college is built to pass on the tradition, the heritage of the Lutheran Church’s faithful confession of the Scriptures and the tradition, the treasures of Western civilization. In that place tradition will be nourished, souls strengthened, and minds shaped.

In the Loess hills of Southwest Iowa, there will be a farm. Legacy Farms. A regenerative farm. A regenerative farm that exists to provide, rich, nutrient dense food for the local community and knowledge to the world.

Hosted on that farm will be an institute. An Institute dedicated to teaching young people how to raise their own food. An Institute dedicated to passing on the rich heritage of Western civilization and the theology of the Lutheran Confessions, dedicated to expanding and enriching the learning they have received in Casper. The Lutheran Institute of Regenerative Agriculture. At this place, students will be welcomed for the summer to learn and work—hard!—to provide for themselves as they attend Luther Classical College. At this place, graduates of LCC will come to apprentice, gaining skills and experience for any future vocation, while taking classes that fill their hearts and minds with the beauty of Western civilization, the Scriptures, and the Lutheran Confessions.