Student Learning Outcomes

Apprenticeship Program

At the completion of a two-year apprenticeship at the Lutheran Institute of Regenerative Agriculture, the apprentice will

  1. Know how to raise chickens for meat, from hatching to harvest and processing.
  2. Know how to manage an egg-laying flock.
  3. Know how to raise pigs on pasture, from farrowing to harvest and processing.
  4. Know how to raise cattle on pasture, from calving to harvest and processing.
  5. Be able to utilize multiple permaculture techniques for gardening, and know how to preserve fruits and vegetables.
  6. Understand the vital place of soil health in producing healthy, nourishing, nutrient dense food and be able to improve that health through grazing.
  7. Be able to establish and maintain systems and infrastructure to provide food for a family or for the community.
  8. Know the business of farming and the marketing and sale of local food, attaining the skills necessary to run a successful farming venture, on a for-profit or homestead scale.
  9. Be able to place the raising and harvesting of plants and animals within the framework of Lutheran theology and a classical understanding of man’s place in God’s creation.