The Team

From left to right: Bethany, Rachel Lauren, Samantha, Charlotte, and Pastor Christopher Maronde

In June of 2022, our family moved back to the farm. We returned to the land on which Bethany’s family has been established for over one hundred years. We came back to restore and renew, we came back because family and community and the land matter. We came back for you.

What we are building in the hills of western Iowa is for you, it is for your children, it is for the Church. The Lutheran Institute of Regenerative Agriculture exists to teach the young people of the Church how to care for the land, how to raise food for themselves, their families, their congregations, and the world as a whole, growing, processing, preserving, and preparing wonderful food for their families.

We are all about roots at the Lutheran Institute of Regenerative Agriculture. Our family is rooting on our fourth generation farms to preserve the heritage of the past and hand it over to the future. Caring for the earth and stewarding the land is part of what we do as God’s people to pass on our treasures to the next generation. We are rooting our family, but we are doing even more.

We are passionate about passing on rich treasures to the next generation: regenerative agricultural techniques, traditional classical education, and, the greatest treasure of all, our deep roots in our traditional Lutheran heritage. Here at the Lutheran Institute of Regenerative Agriculture we know the importance of what we are rooted into. We exist to cultivate and instill these treasured teachings to create rich soil of the heart and mind.

We have an incredible opportunity to share the best of what our times can possibly give. We are offering unique experiences essential for our time. Our family is blessed to connect with you. Welcome to our farm.

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Rev. Christopher Maronde (’06) and his wife Bethany (Stoops) Maronde (’06) met at Concordia University, Nebraska. Rev. Maronde majored in history and was in the pre-seminary program, and Bethany studied early childhood and elementary education. The couple married shortly after graduation. 
“The Lord has taken us many different places on this journey!” explained Rev. Maronde. “We moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana, after graduation from Concordia Nebraska to attend the seminary. My vicarage year was spent serving three congregations in upstate New York. Then my first assignment was to serve two congregations in western Iowa, St. John Lutheran Church in Kiron, Iowa, and Faith Lutheran Church in Deloit, Iowa….

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