Tarkio Technology Institute

Tarkio Tech is a new and growing trade school located thirty minutes from LIRA in Tarkio, Missouri. LIRA is partnering with Tarkio Tech to provide a unique opportunity to earn a trade certificate while living and learning on the farm. Tarkio Tech provides one-year trade certifications in a growing variety of hands-on trades, including welding, plumbing, HVAC and more!

Luther Classical College

Luther Classical College will open in 2025 with two and four year degrees in the classical liberal arts. LIRA will partner with LCC to provide its students summer work and apprenticeship opportunities in agriculture, as well as the opportunity to complete their education by pursuing a trade certificate at Tarkio Tech. Rev. Maronde serves on LCC’s Board of Regents.

GrazeMaster Group

Founded by Del Ficke and Kerry Hoffschneider, the GrazeMaster Group seeks to leverage a growing stable of agricultural consultants to help landowners, farmers and ranchers steward the earth responsibly while also increasing profitability. Del is assisting in the development of the LIRA property and Rev. Maronde spoke at the last GrazeMaster conference (and is scheduled to speak again in 2024).

Concordia Nebraska Agriculture

CUNE Ag has been a significant supporter of LIRA from the beginning. Rev. Maronde, a graduate of CUNE, has spoken during ‘Ag week,’ and groups of students have visited the farm on several occasions. We are looking forward to the continued development of this partnership!